Published: 30 days ago

✨The Munch Box Meets Mambella’s✨ If you didn’t see our story from the other day, we have an awesome announcement... Our frozen meals are now available at The Munch Box in Kitchener!! They are located on Belmont Ave. There are various options available: - Meat Lasagna - Vegetarian Lasagna - Cheese Cannelloni - Famous Dirty Mac & Cheese - Meatballs in our homemade Tomato Sauce If you’re wanting to pick up a convenient and healthy meal, stop in at @eatmunchbox and pick up some other goodies too 😋 They have donuts, hot chocolate bombs, cheesecake, hot dogs, specialty sauces and more! We are so excited to continue offering our products in different retailers and expanding our connections❤️ Mambella’s - Simple. Honest. Italian.


Frozen Meals Phone Call Monday to Friday 11:30am to 3pm
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