Published: about 1 month ago

#glutenfree or #authenticitalian ⁉️ Which do you choose and why? Thankfully, we have various lasagna options that are all healthy and made from real ingredients to satisfy regular diets, vegetarians, as well as people who deal with gluten intolerance. Pictured above is our Gluten Free Sweet Potato Lasagna and our Traditional Meat Lasagna! Gluten free options have been making life easier for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, which is why we have incorporated these items into our menu🙏 Our gluten free products also taste delicious and offer a switch up from our regular lasagna! If you happen to follow any of the eating habits above, make sure to order your favourite lasagna today 😉 Go to the link in our bio or visit Mambella’s - Simple. Honest. Italian.


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