Due to the ongoing shut down we will no longer be able to offer a take out menu and will bring it back at a later date in future. 

Mambella’s has always been known for our exceptional customer service and quality of comfort food for over 12 years and we want to continue to offer this to our extended family during this difficult time. We will DELIVER our frozen comfort meals to your doorstep or to someone in need. Pick up from the TABLE outside the restaurant can also be arranged.

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Gluten Free Friendly

We have gluten free sweet potato lasagna. Our chili is also gluten free.

Made In House

Our line of frozen meals are made in house by hand and have no preservatives. Our Chicken Parm Starts with real unprocessed halal chicken breasts that we hand bread. We prepare our vegan sauce, lasagna, meatballs and cannelloni in our kitchen.  It is our goal to continue to produce more items in house as we possibly can.

Vegan and Vegetarian

VEGETARIAN - We offer sweet potato lasagna, cannelloni, stuffed eggplant, and chili. All pastas come with our homemade vegan marinara sauce.

VEGAN - We now have vegan chili .



Frozen Meals Phone Call Monday to Friday 11:30am to 3pm
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