Our Story

Mambella’s Market was founded on these three main principles; ‘Simple. Honest. Italian.’ Although our services have changed over the years the one thing that has stayed the same is our devotion to providing quality meals.

We are changing the frozen food industry with our devotion to promising quality and exceptional taste. Our goal is to help families not have to make meal compromises. You shouldn’t have to pick between fast and easy, and quality food that’s why we vow to continuously deliver both conveniently in your freezer on standby ready for anything.

Providing quality food for your family doesn’t have to be complicated, we’ll do the heavy lifting and you can take the credit – it’ll be our little secret. 

Food you don’t have to feel guilty about serving. Our products are easy to cook, no additives, have healthier benefits and the taste is simply fabulous.



Frozen Meals Phone Call Monday to Friday 11:30am to 3pm
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